About Us

Amoree is an effort to combine luxurious Indian textiles with indigenous craft components to produce clothing that appeals to contemporary Indian sensibilities. It strives to spread a new perspective on women's clothing by fusing modern fashion, a wide range of designs, and comfort.

Amoree's perfume exhibits a desire for handcrafted craftsmanship, whether it be using needlework by talented women craftsmen to adorn the clothing or woodblocks for the traditional art of hand printing. 
Hand-selected natural fabrics like cotton, muls, chanderi, and silk are used as textiles, making them universally acceptable for apparel purposes. These fabrics are chosen for their breathability, lightness, and softness as its key attributes.

At Amoree, we attempt to redefine ageless art and hand block printing by bringing the two together and creating the perfect outfit. Nature, creation, and our deep-rooted Indian culture inspire us to make the perfect dresses for you.

Amoree is a promising story of Shikha Chaudhry – a successful woman who has worked closely with the fashion industry for the past 15 years of her life. She has completed post-graduate diploma in fashion designing from Panjab University. Shikha soon was hit by the idea of taking traditional hand block prints to each Indian household with a dash of quirky designs & colors. The very idea took her to start her fashion brand that sells handmade block print wear in distinctive prints that you find nowhere but here. 

Behind the scenes

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